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  Anjali Bohlken
Assistant Professor
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

Ph.D., New York University
Joined faculty in 2016

Research areas/interests
Political Economy of Development, Governance, India, Climate Change, Intra-State Conflict, Democratic Accountability and Representatio

Current and recent projects  
Development or Rent-Seeking? How Political Influence Shapes Infrastructure Provision in India

Ordinary Voters or Political Elites?: Why Pork is Distributed Along Partisan Lines.

Why Dynastic Legislators do better in Elections: An Institutionalist Explanation (with Kanchan Chandra)

Recent and selected publications  
"Democratization from Above: The Logic of Local Democracy in the Developing World", New York: Cambridge University Press. January 2016.

“Dynasty and Paths to Power” in Kanchan Chandra (ed.) Democratic Dynasties: State, Party and Political Families in India, New York: Cambridge University Press, April 2016

“The origins of parliamentary responsibility” in Tom Ginsburg (ed.) Comparative Constitutional Design, New York: Cambridge University Press (with Adam Przeworski and Tamar Asadurian), April 2012

“Economic growth and ethnic violence: An empirical investigation of Hindu–Muslim riots in India” Journal of Peace Research, 47(5), August 2010 (with Ernest Sergenti)

“Coups, Elections and the Predatory State“, Journal of Theoretical Politics 22 (2), April 2010.

Professional associations
American Political Science Association