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  Carol Colatrella
Co-Director, Georgia Tech Center for the Study of Women, Science and Technology
GT NSF ADVANCE Program Director, 2005-2007
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Faculty Affairs, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
School of Literature, Media, and Communication

Ph.D., Rutgers University, Comparative Literature
Joined faculty in 1993

Research areas/interests
Comparative literature, American studies, science and technology studies, gender studies.

CETL Class of 1934 Educational Partnership Award for Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) Club to WST Co-Directors Carol Colatrella and Mary Lynn Realff, Inman Middle School teachers, and Georgia Tech student volunteers, 2013.

Geoffrey G. Eicholz Faculty Teaching Award, Georgia Tech, 2007-10.

Faculty Outstanding Service Award, Georgia Tech, 2005.

Ford Faculty Woman of Distinction, Georgia Tech, 2000.

Current and recent projects  
"WIRES: Women's International Research Engineering Summit." Research funded by NSF. PI: M.L. Realff; CoPIs: C. Colatrella, M.F. Fox, G.Kalonji.

Awareness of Decisions in Evaluating Promotion and Tenure (ADEPT), website and computer instrument. See www.adept.gatech.edu.

Contributor and Editor, "Tribute to John O. McCormick." The College Hill Review. Online quarterly exploring style in the arts and humanities. May 2011. http://www.collegehillreview.com

Collaboration with Lee Williams, Beatriz Vegh, Nihad Farooq, and Yanni Loukissas on a critical edition, translation of, and a website about Tomás de Mattos’s La fragata de las máscaras (The Frigate of Masks), a novel about a slave mutiny. De Mattos's novel is based on Amasa Delano's memoir and Herman Melville's short story 'Benito Cereno'.

Research collaborators  
Faculty: Mary Frank Fox, Mary Lynn Realff, Kristen Gomard, Nelly Stromquist, Manuel Gil-Antón, Elizabeth Balbachevsky, Reitumetse Obakong Mabokela, Anna Smolentseva.

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Partners: Aisha Avery, Adeshola Adeniyi, Laura Cofer, Jessica Dillard, Daniel Crook, John Goetzinger, Jimia Head, Madhur Khandelwal, Judith Siegel, and Maryann Westfall.

Recent and selected publications  
“Relentless Improvising: A Full Professor Struggles to Manage Work, Family, and Health.” Staging Women’s Lives in Academia. Eds. Michelle Massé and Nan Bauer-Maglin. SUNY Press, in press.

“The Evils of Slavery and Their Legacy in American Literature.” Evil in American Popular Culture. Eds. Jody Pennington and Sharon Packer. Praeger, 2014: 45-61.

"Introduction" and "On Technology and Humanity." Technology and Humanity. Ed. C. Colatrella. EBSCO/Salem Press, 2012.

“Gender Equality, Family/Work Arrangements, and Faculty Success in Danish Universities.” Journal of the Professoriate. 4. 2 (2011): 23-46.

Toys and Tools in Pink: Cultural Narratives of Gender, Science, and Technology. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2011.

"The Life Aquatic of Melville, Cousteau, and Zissou: Narrative at Sea." Leviathan. 11.3 (October 2009): 79-97.

“Transitions in Danish Universities: Management, Mergers, and Accountability.” Translated as “Transicíon en las universidades danesas: gestíon, fusiones y responsbilidad.” Revista de la Educacíon Superior. 36.1. January-March 2008: 71-80.

“The Professoriate in Denmark in the Age of Globalization,” The Professoriate in the Age of Globalization. Ed. Nelly P. Stromquist. Rotterdam and Taipei: SENSE Publishers, 2007: 121-152.

Mary Frank Fox, Carol Colatrella, David McDowell, and Mary Lynn Realff. “Equity in Tenure and Promotion: An Integrated Institutional Approach,” Transforming Science and Engineering: Advancing academic women. Eds. A.Stewart, J.Malley, and D.Lavaque-Manty. University of Michigan Press, 2007:170-186.

Mary Lynn Realff, Carol Colatrella, and Mary Frank Fox. “Inter-connected Networks for Advancement in Science and Engineering,” Transforming Science and Engineering: Advancing academic women. Eds. A.Stewart, J.Malley, and D.Lavaque-Manty. University of Michigan Press, 2007: 62-78.

Nelly Stromquist with Manuel Gil-Antón, Elizabeth Balbachevsky, Reitumetse Obakong Mabokela, Anna Smolentseva, and Carol Colatrella. “The Academic Profession in the Globalization Age: Key Trends, Challenges, and Possibilities.” Higher Education in the New Century: Global Challenges and Innovative Ideas. Eds. Philip G. Altbach and Patti McGill Peterson. Rotterdam: Sense, 2007: 1-34.

Nelly P. Stromquist, Manuel Gil-Antón, Carol Colatrella, Reitumtse Obakeng Mabokela, Anna Smolentseva, and Elizabeth Balbachevsky, “The Contemporary Professoriate: The Uneasy Place between a Segmented Labor Market and a Segmented Profession,” Higher Education Quarterly. 61.2 (April 2007): 114-135.

Mary Frank Fox, Carol Colatrella. Participation, Performance, and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering: What Is at Issue and Why, Journal of Technology Transfer. Special issue on Women in Science. 31 (2006): 377-386.

Mary Frank Fox, Carol Colatrella, David McDowell, and Mary Lynn Realff. Equity in Tenure and Promotion: An Integrated Institutional Approach, Learning from ADVANCE. Ed. Abby Stewart. 2007:170-186.

Urbanization, Class Struggle, and Reform, A Companion to Melville. Ed. Wyn Kelley. Blackwell, 2006: 165-180.

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“Reading ‘Benito Cereno’ in Our Time.” Melville, Conrad: Imaginarios y Américas: Reflexiones desde Montevideo. Eds. Lindsey Cordery and Beatriz Vegh. Montevideo: Universidad de la República, 2006: 79-105.

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“Work for Women: Recuperating Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Reform Fiction,” Research in Science and Technology Studies (Knowledge and Society, v.11), Ed. Shirley Gorenstein (Stamford, CT: JAI Press, 2000), 53-76.

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Sue Rosser, Mary Frank Fox, and Carol Colatrella, "Developing Women's Studies in a Technological Institution," Women's Studies Quarterly, 30.3-4 (Fall/Winter 2002): 109-125.

"From Desk Set to The Net: Women and Computing Technology in Hollywood Films," Canadian Review of American Studies 31.2 (2001): 1-14.

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