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  Diana Hicks
School of Public Policy

Ph.D., University of Sussex, UK, Science and Technology Policy
Joined faculty in 2003

Research areas/interests
Science and technology policy, science based innovation, research metrics, big data, data visualization

Visiting Professor, Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley, 1994

Science and Technology Agency Fellow, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Tokyo, 1991

Fulbright Scholar

Current and recent projects  
Understanding national systems of university research evaluation, their evolution and their effects, particularly on the social sciences and humanities, scholarly use of the New York Times, grand challenges in science policy.

Recent and selected publications  
1. Diana Hicks, Paul Wouters, Ludo Waltman, Sarah de Rijke, Ismael Rafols (2015) The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics: use these 10 principles to guide research evaluation. Nature, April 23, 520:429-431. Translated into: Chinese, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Persian and Catalan see: http://www.leidenmanifesto.org/translations.html

2. Daniele Rotolo, Diana Hicks, Ben Martin (2015) What is an Emerging Technology? Research Policy.

3. Jian Wang, Diana Hicks (2015) Scientific teams: self-assembly, fluidness, and interdependence, Journal of Informetrics 9(1) 197-207.

4. Carla Lopez Pińeiro and Diana Hicks (2015) Reception of Spanish sociology by domestic and foreign audiences differs and has consequences for evaluation, Research Evaluation, 24(1), 78-79

5. Jian Wang, Yajun Mei, Diana Hicks (2014) Comment on “Quantifying long-term scientific impact”, Science 345, 149, DOI: 10.1126/science.1248770.

6. Jian Wang and Diana Hicks (2013) Detecting structural change in university research systems: A case study of British research policy, Research Evaluation, 22(4) 258-268.

7. Diana Hicks (2013) One size doesn't fit all: on the co-evolution of national evaluation systems and social science publishing, Confero, 1 (1) March, 67-90, DOI:10.3384/confero13v1121207b, http://www.confero.ep.liu.se/. Translated into Croatian and published as: Ista mjerila nisu prikladna za sve: o me?usobnoj prilagodbi nacionalnih evaluacijskih sustava i objavljivanja u društvenim znanostima, Revija Za Sociologiju 43 (2013), 1: 83–96, DOI: 10.5613/rzs.43.1.4

8. Diana Hicks and Jian Wang (2013) The New York Times as a Resource for Mode 2, Science Technology and Human Values, 38(6), November, 850-876

9. J. Wang, K. Berzins, D. Hicks, J. Melkers, F. Xiao, D. Pinheiro (2012) A Boosted-Trees Method for Name Disambiguation, Scientometrics, 93(2) 391-411, (DOI) 10.1007/s11192-012-0681-1.

10. J. Youtie, D. Hicks, P. Shapira, T. Horsley, (2012) Pathways from Discovery to Commercialization: Using Web Sources to Track Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Strategies in Emerging Nanotechnologies, Technology and Strategic Management, 24(10) November, 981-995

D. Hicks (2012) Performance-based university research funding systems, Research Policy, 41, 251-261. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.respol.2011.09.007 .