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  Dina Khapaeva

School of Modern Languages

PhD., St. Petersburg State University, History
Joined faculty in 2012

Research areas/interests
Cultural studies, gothic aesthetics, vampire and borrow genre, nightmares as a mental state and as a cultural project

2006–2009: Grants from the J.D. and C.T. McArthur Foundation to Smolny Collegium for the projects Reforming History Education in Contemporary Russia ($200,000) and Reforming Social Sciences Education in Contemporary Russia ($450,000)

2007–2009: Two grants from the Ford Foundation to the Smolny Collegium for the development of research and teaching in the domain of Human Rights ($350,000)

Current and recent projects  
The New Gothic Age: Vampires and Nightmares

Recent and selected publications  
Nightmare: Literature and Life (Koshmar: literatura i zhizn’). Moscow: Text, 2010. 365 pp. In Russian.
English translation: Nightmares: From Literary Experiments to Cultural Project, trans. R. Tweddly, forthcoming at Brill in the series “Russian History and Culture,” 2012
Gothic Society: A Morphology of Nightmare (Goticheskoe obshchestvo, Morfologiia Koshmara). Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2007. 152 pp. 2nd ed., 2008. In Russian. French translation by Nina Kehayan Portrait critique de la Russie: Essais sur la société gothique, Eds. de l’Aube, 2012.

Chapters in collective volumes:
“The Vampire Boom and Post-Soviet Gothic Aesthetics.” Gothic Anxieties – National and Transnational. Eds P. M. Mehtonen and Matti Savolainen (Ashgate, forthcoming 2012)
"Aegis of Russia”, The Histories of Nations, ed. by P. Furtado (London, Thames & Hudson, 2012
“Moscow: Literary Reality or Nightmare?” Post/Soviet Identities, ed. by M. Bassin and C. Kelly Oxford U.P., 2012

Professional associations
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies