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  Jenna Jordan
Assistant Professor
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

PhD, University of Chicago
Joined faculty in 2012

Research areas/interests
Terrorism, counterterrorism policy, territorial disputes, international security, foreign policy, international relations theory, social network analysis, foreign policy

Intelligence Studies Section Student Paper Award, 2012

World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship, Smith Richardson Foundation, 2008

Morris Abrams Award in International Relations, 2007-2008

Carnegie Corporation of New York, 2016.

Richardson Foundation’s Strategy and Policy Fellows Program, 2015

Ivan Allen College, Small Grant for Research, 2014.

Current and recent projects  
"How small states acquire status: A social network analysis,” with Lawrence Rubin, 2016.

Recent and selected publications  
“The Strategic (il)logic of Counter Terrorism,” with Margaret Kosal and Lawrence Rubin, 2016. (forthcoming The Washington Quarterly).

“ISIS Containment Doctrine,” with Lawrence Rubin, The National Interest, June 14, 2016.

“Data on Leadership Targeting and Potential Impacts for Communal Support,” in The Legitimacy of Drones: UCAVs for Cross-Border Counterterrorism, Edited by Steven J. Barela, Ashgate Publishing, 2015.

"Measuring Political Violence in Pakistan: Insights from the BFRS Dataset," with Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, C. Christine Fair, Jenna Jordan, and Rasul Bakhsh Rais, Conflict Management and Peace Science, September 2014. 23 pages.

“Attacking the Leader, Missing the Mark: Why Terrorist Groups Survive Decapitation Strikes” International Security, Spring 2014. 31 pages.

“When Heads Roll: Assessing the Effectiveness of Leadership Decapitation,” Security Studies, December 2009. 36 pages.

Professional associations
International Studies Association
American Political Science Association