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  Jennifer S. Singh
Assistant Professor of Sociology
School of History & Sociology

Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
Joined faculty in 2011

Research areas/interests
The focus of my research is on the scientific epistemology of autism spectrum disorder. This scholarship is framed by four key questions, including: How does genetic and genomic knowledge shape our understanding of autism? What are the implications of genetic and genomic knowledge for people living with autism and their families? How do people with autism negotiate their identity in the context of the challenges and benefits of living with autism? How do parents of children with autism, especially those from low-income and under-served communities, navigate structural barriers to diagnosis and services? My scholarship addresses these research questions and also contributes to other research areas that reside at the intersection of scientific knowledge production, identity, and health.

Thank a Teacher Award, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL), Georgia Tech (2013)


Title of Project: Assessing Quality of Care in a Community-Based Autism Clinic
Agency/Company: Pediatric Research Center 2016 Pilot Grant
Role: Co-PI
Collaborators: Leslie Rubin (Co-PI)
Period of contract: 2016-2017 (12 months)

Current and recent projects  
I have begun work on a new research project related to disparities in autism diagnosis and services within under-served communities. This new project is informed by my research on autism science and the lived experiences of autism that demonstrates how biomedical research frameworks tend to obscure social forces that shape how people experience autism and their ability to navigate a range of services.

Recent and selected publications  
Singh, Jennifer S. 2016. Multiple Autisms: Spectrums of Advocacy and -Genomic Science, Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press.

Singh, Jennifer S. 2016. “Parenting Work and Autism Trajectories of Care.” Sociology of Health & Illness Published online before print April 25, 2016, doi: 10.1111/14679566.12436.

Singh, Jennifer S. 2015.“Narratives of Participation in Autism Genetics Research.” Science, Technology & Human Values 40(2): 227-249.

Web sites

Professional associations
Society for Social Studies of Science
American Sociological Association