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  Olga Shemyakina
Associate Professor, School of Economics, Georgia Tech
IZA Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor
School of Economics
Senior Research Affiliate, Households in Conflict Network

Ph.D., University of Southern California (USC), Economics
Joined faculty in 2007

Research areas/interests
Applied microeconomics, armed conflict, health, education, development economics, labor economics, and gender.

Academic Awards
1. Urban and Global Interdisciplinary Dissertation Research Grant, ($10,000), USC Urban Initiative, USC, 2006-2007, Project Title: “Armed Conflict, Education and Marriage Market in Tajikistan”
2. Final Year Dissertation Fellowship, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Full Tuition Scholarship & $16,000 academic year stipend, University of Southern California, 2006-2007
3. Graduate Assistantship, Department of Economics, University of Southern California, 2002-2006
4. Best Third Year Empirical Paper Award, Department of Economics, University of Southern California, 2005
5. Edmund E. Muskie Graduate Fellowship, (Full tuition scholarship and monthly stipend of $1,100), United States Information Agency, 1998-2000

Teaching Honors and Awards
1. “Thank a Teacher” Certificate Recipient (10 Certificates), Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-2014
2. Fellow: 1969 Class of Teaching Fellows, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, (Grant $1,000), Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007- 2008
3. Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Department of Economics, University of Southern California, 2004
4. Teaching Fellowship, Civic Education Project/Support for Community Outreach and Teaching Program (CEP/SCOUT), ($3,000 stipend and $500 teaching supplies grant), Kazakhstan, 2001-2002

Title of Project: “Armed Conflict, Education and Marriage Market in Tajikistan”
Agency/Company: Institute for Social Research, William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan, U.S. Department of State, Title VIII Grant
Total Dollar Amount: $9,980
Role: PI
Period of Contract: 06/01/2006 – 12/31/2006

Current and recent projects  
Selected working papers
1. Shemyakina, O. 2014. “Political Violence, Land Reform and Child Health: Results from Zimbabwe”, Working paper.
2. Singh, P. & O. Shemyakina. 2013. “Gender-Differential Effects of Conflict on Education: The Case of the 1981-1993 Punjab Insurgency,” Working paper.

Selected work in progress
1. Moreno-Cruz, J.; E. J. Swee & O. Shemyakina. “(Em)powering Conflict: Dams in Cambodia”
2. Shemyakina, O. “Armed Conflict and the Elderly”
3. O. Shemyakina & M. Verpoorten. “Disrupting Public Health Campaigns: Immunization and Conflict”

Recent and selected publications  
Peer Reviewed Publications

1. Shemyakina, O. 2014. "Exploring the Impact of Conflict Exposure during Formative Years on Labor Market Outcomes in Tajikistan", accepted paper, August 2014, Journal of Development Studies

2. Minoiu, C. & O. Shemyakina. 2014. “Armed Conflict, Household Victimization and Child Health in Côte d'Ivoire,” Journal of Development Economics, Volume 108: 237–255.

3. Shemyakina, O. 2013. “Patterns in Female Age at First Marriage and Tajik Armed Conflict,” European Journal of Population, Volume 29 (3): 303-343.

4. Shemyakina, O. & A.C. Plagnol . 2013. “Subjective Well-Being and Armed Conflict: Evidence from Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Social Indicators Research, Volume 113 (3): 1129-1152.

5. Justino, P. & O. Shemyakina. 2012. “Migration, Remittances and Labor Supply in Tajikistan,” IZA Journal of Labor & Development, 1:8.

6. Shemyakina, O. 2011. “The Effect of Armed Conflict on Accumulation of Education: Results from Tajikistan,” Journal of Development Economics, 95(2), pp.186-200.

Professional associations
American Economic Association, 2006-present

Association for Comparative Economic Studies

Households in Conflict Network (HiCN), Senior Affiliate: 2006 – Present

Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Research Fellow, Bonn, Germany: 2014 - Present
Committee for the Status of Women in Economics Profession (CSWEP): 2014 - Present