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  Susan Cozzens
Associate Dean for Research, Ivan Allen College
Professor of Public Policy
School of Public Policy

Ph.D., Columbia University, Sociology
Joined faculty in 1998

Research areas/interests
Science and technology policies in developing countries; inclusive development; equity and equality issues in science and technology; social innovation systems; social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1994

Lang Rosen Award (silver) of the Technology Transfer Society, 1998 (shared with Julia Melkers)

Current and recent projects  
Equity, equality, and emerging technologies, including nanotechnologies; effectiveness of international research collaborations; global systems of innovation; water and sanitation in developing countries.

Research collaborators  
Egil Kallerud, Tiago Santos Pereira, Roland Brouwer, Raphael Kaplinsky, Jameson Wetmore, Sonia Gatchair, Isabel Bortagaray, Gonzalo Ordonez, Dhanaraj Thakur, Elena Harari, Pablo Catalan, Walter Valdivia.

Recent and selected publications  
“A Science of Science and Innovation Policy Research Agenda,” Irwin Feller and Susan E. Cozzens, Issues in Science and Technology, June 2008.

“Emerging Technologies: Quantitative Identification and Measurement” (with Sonia Gatchair, Kyung-Sup Kim, Gonzalo Ordóñez, Alan Porter, Hyuck Jai Lee, and Jongseok Kang), Technology Assessment and Strategic Management, accepted.

“Gender Issues in U.S. Science and Technology Policy: Equality of What?,” Science and Engineering Ethics, Online First, May 2008.

“Distributive Justice in Science and Technology Policies,” Science and Public Policy 34(2), 85-94, March 2007.

Book chapters in
Confluence. Interdisciplinary Communications 2007/2008, edited by Willy Østreng. Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 2008. (Chapter title: “Equality as an Issue in Designing Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies and Programs”)

Handbook on Innovation Systems and Developing Countries – Building Domestic Capabilities in a Global Setting, edited by Bengt-Åke Lundvall, KJ Joseph, Cristina Chaminade and Jan Vang. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2009. (Chapter title: “Innovation, Poverty, and Inequality: Cause, Consequence, or Co-evolution?” Co-authored with Raphael Kaplinsky)

The Co-Evolution of Innovation Policy: Innovation Policy Dynamics, Systems, and Governance, edited by Stephan Kuhlmann, Philip Shapira, and Ruud Smits, Edward Elgar, chapter finished, volume is in preparation. (Chapter title: “Innovation and Inequality.”)

The Changing Governance of the Sciences: The advent of research evaluation systems., edited by Richard Whitely and Jochen Gläser, a volume to appear in the Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook, Vol. 26, Springer, February 2008 (Chapter tile: “Death by Peer Review?: The Impact of Results-Oriented Management in U.S. Research.”)

Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, edited by Edward J. Hackett, Olga Amsterdamska, Michael Lynch, and Judy Wajcman. MIT Press, 2007. (Chapter title: “Knowledge and Development.” Co-authored with Sonia Gatchair, Kyung-sup Kim, Gonzalo Ordóñez, and Anupit Supnithadnaporn).

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Professional associations
American Sociological Association

Society for Social Studies of Science

American Association for the Advancement of Science