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  Usha Nair-Reichert
Associate Professor
School of Economics

Ph.D., Purdue University, Economics
Joined faculty in 1995

Research areas/interests
International trade, trade policy, technology transfer, intellectual property rights, economic development, applied microeconomics

Current and recent projects  
Dr. Nair-Reichert's current research projects include analyzing the impact and effectiveness of tariffs and non-tariff barriers on bilateral trade, and the role that liberalization of service trade plays in the fragmentation of production and global outsourcing activities.  Her research also examines various aspects of intellectual property protection, such as the influence of intellectual property protection on multinational activities, and the impact of intellectual property protection on foreign direct investment and economic growth.

Research collaborators  
Rod Duncan, School of Economics, Georgia Tech
Justin Joffrion, student, Georgia Tech
Jesicca Madariaga, student, Georgia Tech
Jerry Thursby, Emory University
Joy Mazumdhar, Emory University
Jon Haveman, Public Policy Institute of California
Diana Weinhold, London School of Economics

Recent and selected publications  
Jon D. Haveman, Usha Nair-Reichert, and Jerry Thursby, "How Effective Are Trade Barriers? An Empirical Analysis of Trade Reduction, Diversion and Compressions,“ forthcoming in Review of Economics and Statistics.

Usha Nair Reichert and Diana Weinhold (2001) “Causality Tests for Cross-Country Panels: New Look at FDI and Economic Growth in Developing Countries,” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, v63, n2,153-71.