Our Panel and Discussion on "Communicating Research"

February 2017

Dear IAC Friends,

Much valued are today's panel and discussion on "Communicating Research: Effective Ways to Use Websites, Social Media, and (Other) Electronic Means."

Our thanks go to Dean Jackie Royster for her partnership in IAC Advance and our lunch/discussions, and to our panelists, Marilyn Brown (Public Policy), Jenna Jordan (International Affairs), Monica Miller (Writing Program, and Literature, Media, and Communication), and Janet Murray (Literature, Media, and Communication) for sharing their experience and products. Appreciation goes to all for your generous exchange of ideas and practices in communicating research

Thank you to Sarah Bartel, student research partner, who helped enable our event.

With many regards, -Mary

--In keeping with our topic, today's event appears on Facebook at:

Thank you to Monica Miller for sharing Slides on "Using Social Media to Promote, Produce, and Facilitate Research," 
now posted on the IAC Advance website !

Link: http://advance.wd.iac.gatech.edu/sites/default/files/2017-07/Using%20Social%20Media.pdf